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Impound Service

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Impound Service

Have you ever had someone park blocking your driveway? Or had someone leave an old car on your property. Or maybe you own a business and occasionally have vehicles blocking a dumpster or delivery area, parked for sale, or just broken down and left for days.

This is where Bill's Towing & Recovery's Impound program is the answer. We are state certified to process impounded vehicles at no charge to the impounder, and can assure you that your impoundment is within state regulations. 

Our private impound program works with you to stop illegal or inconsiderate parking in a friendly but effective manor that will help you retain the patronage of those customers. 

We have many impound sign designs to choose from including "no parking", "authorized parking only", "customer parking only". If none of these meet your needs, or clash with your decor, we will have custom impound signs made for you at absolutely no charge. For more information, fill out the form below.

Key Benefits

  • Affordable Rates
  • Trained Professionals
  • State of the Art Equipment


  • State Certified Vehicle Impounder
    This means we can impound vehicles at no cost to you.

  • Knowledge of all State and Local laws
    Can you legally Impound it? We Know.

  • Property Posting
    Are Impound Signs are Free, and that is sometimes all it takes to avoid a parking problem.





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