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What is a WebRing?

The WebRing is a free service offered to the Internet community. It is growing collection of homepages from all over the World that  are committed to creating a new kind of Web community.

The WebRing provides the World Wide Web with a different way to organize web sites. The WebRing is a way to group together sites with similar content by linking them together in a circle, or ring.

Joining a WebRing is a simple way to drive a lot of traffic to your Website. It also makes your site rank better on search engines by linking your site to others. This is called link popularity and is very important to search engines such as Google.

Who Can Join the Towing WebRing?

Anyone who owns or administers a towing related website can join the Towing WebRing. Towing companies, towing associations, towing suppliers, and closely related industries are welcome. 

If your Website is Included in this ring it is an indication that your website is attractive, portrays the towing industry in a positive manor, and adds to the internet experience.

Who Cannot  Join the Towing WebRing?

Certain types of Websites are not allowed to join the Towing WebRing. These would include:

  1. Websites that contain adult content.

  2. Websites that are under major construction (we realize some sites are always under construction)

  3. Website that only contain links.

  4. A person who does not have the time or ability to add the navigation code to their Website.

How Does it work?

The idea is that once you are at one site in the WebRing, you can click on a "Next" or "Previous" link to go to adjacent sites in the ring and--if you do it long enough--end up where you started.

This is actually something you can do without the WebRing system by simply having each page owner link their site to the next. However, when somebody wants to join the ring, someone has to edit their page to point to the new page and--when the ring gets big enough--it becomes more and more difficult to keep the ring "intact" when pages disappear and servers go down.

The WebRing provides a solution to all of these problems, as well as numerous enhancements. When you join a WebRing, the HTML code on your homepage never changes. Links point to a special CGI script that will send people to the next (or previous) site in the ring. Because the central ring database is located in one location, sites can be added and removed quickly and easily, and because the WebRing CGI allows you go continue past sites that are unreachable, you will always be able to continue around the loop.

The WebRing will do quite a few tricks, actually. People can travel a ring in either direction, either jumping to (or skipping) the next site or previous site, list the next five sites in the ring, jump to a random site in the ring, or simply get a list of all pages in the loop. Furthermore, the WebRing system supports the operation of a virtually unlimited number of separate and distinct rings, allowing the creation of thousands of different "communities" on the web. And, best of all, the WebRing is entirely free!


Who Runs This WebRing?

This WebRing is run by, a Web design and computer consulting firm in Washington State. If you need a professionally designed Website, a Perl script, or would like to add something special to your existing site can handle it.


What Companies are Members of the Towing WebRing?

Click here for the latest list

How Do I Join the Towing WebRing?

Joining the Towing WebRing is simple. Click HERE to get your WebRing ID, then you will be transferred to the simple joining form.

After you submit the simle form you will receive an email from WebRing that contains the code you need to add to your page to display the navigation bar.

What Must I Do to Keep My Membership Active?

A few simple guidelines keep the ring functioning, and a pleasure for people to surf.

  1. Your site must display the Ring navigation bar at all times.

  2. You must keep all membership information (most importantly - URL) updated.

  3. You must keep a valid email address in your WebRing User Profile at all times.

  4. Your navigation bar must appear on the main towing page of your Website.

  5. If you are a member of several WebRings, the Towing WebRing's navigation bar must be at the top of the stack.

Want to advertise on the Towing WebRing?

Would you like additional exposure for your website? You can have your website featured HERE on the hub page of this ring for only $2 a month. Contact the Ringmaster for more information.

Want Will Appear on My Website?

Towing WebRing
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